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HLTB01 Ch10 notes

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Health Studies
Anna Walsh

Chapter 10 Stress Coping and Health Affects on CVS AND immune systemsOlder adults may be particularly vulnerable to effects of physical stress Mistake to believe that the effects of stress are exclusively negativeGrowing body of evidence that stress can have toughening or strengthening effects on everything from heat shock to protein to sicla ties Whether stress has positive or negative effects may depend on its temporal patterning and also on how we cope with it All of the antiaging genese appear to regulate cellbased stress resistance a variety of genetically based mechanism protect against stress at the cellular level including DNA repair mechanism antioxidants and heat shock pritens Neuroendorcine stress reactions can be very toxic StressClassic Theories o Phsyiological state of organism or strain define stress to environment or stressor third to view stress as a transaction between the person and the environmento Barking of dogs would respond with a rush of epinephrine or adrenaline into systems o perception of a threat activated the SNS which readies the organism for fight or flight o Sympathetic nerves originate in the spinal column preganglonic nerves and radiate to target organs postganglionic nerves o Pregang Nerves are cholinergic that is they secrete the NT acetylcholine and PGN use norephinephrine o Symp Nerves directly enervate the heart the bronchi in the lungs the gut and the kidney they influence the blood vessels sweat glands and piloerector muscles in the skino Sympatheticadrenal medulla SAM sympathetic nerves radiate to the adrenal medulla which is a small structure lying atop of the kidneys o Adrenal medulla or center secretes both epinephrine or adrenaline and norepinephrine noradrenaline into bloodo Epinephrine is a more powerful cardiac stimulant and also increases the metabolic rate norepinphrine more strongly stimulates the peripheral vascular system and raises blood pressure o The two systems direct innervations and SAM are redundant an indicator of importance of stressrelated SNS activation o Butterflies in the stomach reflect the diverted blood flow from the gut to the muscleso Pilo erection response is when the hair on the arms or the back of the neck may stand up and peripheral blood vessel constrictuion results in facial pallor o PNS activation returns body to homeostasiso Overactivation of the SNS can result in a state of shock Increased BP forces liquids out of the vascular system into the surrounding tissues o If prolonged process decreases circulating blood volume and the blood volume is insufficient to sustain adequate blood pressure levels o Porcine stress syndrome percentage of pigs being shipped to market die simply from the stress of being transported o Okay cousin of zebra lived in berlin zoo okapy died of fright
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