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International Development Studies
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IDSB04 - Ch.1 + 2
What is health? state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of
disease or infirmity
what affects health? -social, political, economic, historical factors
-lifestyle- genetic makeup -geog raphy - resources (health care infrastructure)
Health and health care
Investing in health-which involves multiple layers of determinants, and investing in health care which is
one determinant of health (i.e. hospitals, medicine)
Int health in a histor ical perspective:
-term international health” forst came to use in the early 20th centur y after sovereign countries
began to recognize the value of intergovernmental cooperation and established permanent bodies to
address health issues that crossed national borders. -new arena reflected the interests of imperial
powers to protect int commerce and fend off epidemics of diseases (such as cholera, plague)
How can one conceptualize Int health?
1Box1-1: global public good, int agreements, disease control and research, social justice, security: social
unrest, bioterror ism, fe ar of pandemics
What is int health?
-in health field is built upon the helath-related agreements to which most countries are signatories. The
ethical, human rights, and legal dimensions of these agreements provide a FRAMEWORK of state
obligations, coop, and shared global governance in the name of improving int health.
-international health is characterized by the activities that are carr ied out by int, bilateral, multilateral,
regional and transnational health organizations.
Rockefeller Foundations International health legacy:
-private, philanthropic organization, engaging in cooperation from metropolitan powers to
underdeveloped settings
-engaged in various disease eradication/control- established int health board: promote health and social
-impacts health projects carr ied out to this date
**Box 3-7: Modus Operandi:
-agenda setting from above
-budget incentives: activities are only partially funded by donor agencies,
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