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International Development Studies
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Course ReaderWeek 2Chapter 1 Economics Institutions and Development A Global PerspectiveI didnt take notes in the beginningThe New Economic View of Development Redistribution from GrowthDudley Seers asked The questions to ask about a countrys development are therefore What has been happening to poverty What has been happening to unemployment What has been happening to inequality If all three of these have declined from high levels then beyond doubt this has been a period of development for t he country concernedIf those three get worse then it is not development even if per capita income doubled Underdevelopment is a real fact of life for more than 3 billion people in the worlda state of mind as much as a state of national poverty Denis Goulet said The most empathetic observer can speak objectively about underdevelopment only after undergoing personally or vicariously the shock of underdevelopment Edgar Owens said It is high time we combine political and economic theory to consider not just ways in which societies can become more productive but the quality of the societies which are supposed to become more productivethe development of people rather than the development of thingsWorld Bank said The challenge of development is to improve the quality of life That is higher income and more than that It encompasses as ends in themselves better education higher standards of health and nutrition less poverty a cleaner environment more equality of opportunity greater individual freedom and a richer cultural life Development must therefore be conceived of as a multidimensional process involving major changes in social structures popular attitudes and national institutions as well as the acceleration of economic growth the reduction of inequality and the eradication of poverty Three Core Values of DevelopmentSustenance Selfesteem and Freedomrepresent common goals sought by all individuals and societies
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