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Chapter 2

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Media Studies
Michael Petit

A2 : The concept of dialect as language used by a given speaker (differences, between speakers from different regions, classes or ethnic background) Concept of register as language style appropriate to a given social setting The terms register and style each describe patterning in speech and writing and shifts we make in order to ensure that the form of language we adopt for a particular context is appropriate. We match how something is communicated to what is being communicated and to whom. Register as a language variety, may also be confused with the notion of genre. When we are faced with variation according to different situations and functions, the linguistic term is register. Register is a technical term used to describe a variety of language which is distinctive for a specific context. Register is created by combination of choices a speaker makes in each area of language production: vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, lay out and other features of text design. Together, the result of such choices is a particular style, which is conventionally associated with some specific range of uses. Therefore register creates or contributes to style. How do we know style is appropriate if we do not know the audience? Media creates their own style of address: specialised registers that may be public, formal and ceremonial or they may be a personal as if they are talking with a friend Accents and dialect describe difference in the way different people speak. An accent describes the difference of the phonological or sound level. Dialect describes the difference not only at the phonological level but also at the level of vocabulary (lexis) and grammar (syntax) RP = Received Pronunciation, is the accent most identified with the BBC also known as the Queen’s English. In the 19 century, standard pronunciation of English
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