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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 lecture notes

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Management (MGH)
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Julie Mc Carthy

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Stereotypes N stereotypes come fromhome environment (parents), media, peers, your experiences, schoolteachers, genetics N glass ceiling invisible barriers that women face in the workplace Social Identity Theory N people form perceptions of themselvespersonal identity, social identity N social identity is what more people think about and respond to when they are asked about their identity Canadians vs. Americans Friendly Not so friendly Polite Impolite Passive Aggressive Peaceful Warlike Tolerant Racist Equity Profits Humble Arrogant N social identity theory says that we always come out better than others Perception N selectivewhat determines our selectivity experience, age, culture N perceptual consistency tendency to ignore and distort visual cues so that they fit to form a homogenous picture Biases in Perception N primacy effect first impressions; important in interviews N recency effect last impressions N reliance on central traits physical appearance (attractiveness may be one part) N projection what you feel
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