MGHC02H3 Chapter -: The Manager's Job: Folklore and Fact

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Management (MGH)
Phani Radhakrishnan

The Manager’s Job: Folklore and Fact • Four myths about the manager’s job o Myth: Manager is a reflective, systematic planner ▪ Fact: managers work at an unrelenting pace, activities characterized by brevity, variety, and discontinuity, and strongly oriented to action and dislike reflective activities o Myth: The manager has no regular duties to perform ▪ Fact: work involves performing regular duties, including ritual and ceremony, negotiations and processing soft information linking the organization with its environment o Myth: senior management needs aggregated information, which a formal management system best provides ▪ Fact: Managers strongly favour verbal media, telephone calls and meetings, over documents o Myth: management is becoming a science and a profession ▪ Fact: manager’s programs – to schedule time, process information, make decisions, etc., remain locked deep in their brains • Interpersonal Manager Roles o Figurehead role ▪ Every manager must perform some ceremonial duties o Leader role ▪ Some actions involve leadership directly ▪ Influence of managers seen in leader role ▪ Leader role related to motivation o Liaison role ▪ Managers make contacts outside vertical chain of command • Informational roles o Monitor ▪ Scanning the environment for information ▪ Interrogating liaison contacts and subordinates, and receiving
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