Module 2

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Management (MGT)
Hugh Mac Donald

Module 2 Adapting your Message to your AudienceTypes of audiences1Initial first to receive the message routes to other audiences2Primary decides whether to accept recommendations acts on message3Secondary comments on message or implements recommendations 4Gatekeeper has the power to stop the message before it gets to primary audience5Watchdog has political social or economic power may base future actions on evaluation of message Why is audience so importantUnderstanding what audience needsexpects and adapting messages accordinglysuccessful communicationBoth sender and receiver construct meaning togetherideally should agree on meaning significance of messageSender must Encode in wordstransmit message via channel TV memos phone etc Receiver must Perceive message physical abilitydecode make meaning from symbolsFeedback receivers response may be direct and immediate or indirect and delayed consists of both verbal and nonverbal symbolsNoise influences every part of communication process1Physical2Psychologicalincl emotional intellectual or psychological interference ex dislike speaker being distracted preconceived notion of issue prejudicesChannel overload occurs when channel cannot handle all the messages that are being sent
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