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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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Management (MGT)
Sujay Vardhmane

Chapter 3 Communicating across CulturesWhat is culture Our culture is a learned set of assumptions that shape our perceptions of the world and of appropriate values norms attitudes and behaviours Perceptions about gender age and social class are culturally basedWhat is Canadian culture Canada is a cultural polyglotGlobalization demands effective intercultural communication Foreign trade is essential to the growth of both individual businesses and Canadas economy How does culture impact business communication Cultural assumptions and expectations determine both the form and the content of every business interaction Highcontext cultures most of the info is inferred from the context of a message little is spelled outLike indirectness politeness and ambiguityLowcontext cultures context is less important info is explicitly spelled out Directness confrontation and clarityWritten agreements more important than spoken Communication is influenced by the organizational culture and by personal culture eg gender race social classValues Beliefs and PracticesValues and beliefs affect our response to people and situationsEg Canadians value fairness and individualism If a student gets too much help from another student it is considered cheatingValues and beliefs are often influenced by religionNonVerbal CommunicationNonverbal communication communication that makes meaning wo wordsFacial expressions gestures our use of time and space pauses vocal intonationsNon verbal communication can be misinterpreted Misunderstandings are even more common in communication across cultures since nonverbal signals are culturally defined Learning about non verbal symbols gives you the info you need to project the image you want and makes you more conscious of the signals you are interpreting
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