MGHB02H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Motivation, Job Performance, Beaufort Scale

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10 Jun 2016

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Chapter 5-6 Motivation
I. Motivation
1. Definition: the extent to which persistent effort is directed at a goal
Effort + Persistence (amount of work), Direction (quality of work), Goals
2. Types:
1) Extrinsic: stems from the direct relationship b/t the worker and the task; usually self-applied
2) Intrinsic: stems from the work environment external to the task; usually applied by others
Extrinsic and intrinsic rewards are compatible in enhancing work motivation
3. Performance and motivation
Performance: the extent to which an organizational member contributes to achieving the goals of the org.
1) Motivation
2) Personality
3) General cognitive ability: basic info.-processing capacities and cognitive resources
(Verbal, numerical, spatial, reasoning abilities)
4) Emotional intelligence (EI): ability to understand and manage one’s own and others’ feelings and emotions
Perceive emotions→ Use emotions to facilitate thinking→ Understand emotions→ Manage emotions
Predicts job performance beyond cognitive ability & the Big Five personality variables
5) Understanding of task
6) Chance factors
II. Theories of work motivation
1. Need Theories: specify the kinds of needs ppl have and the conditions under which they will be motivated to satisfy
those needs in a way that contributes to performance (WHAT)
1) Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: the lowest-level satisfied need has the greatest motivating potential
Physiological, safety, belongingness, esteem, self-actualization (growth needs that b/c stronger once gratified)
2) Alderfer’s ERG Theory
Existence (by material substance); Relatedness (by open interactions); Growth (by personal work
The more lower-level needs are gratified, the more higher-level need satisfaction is desired
The less higher-level needs are gratified, the more lower-level need satisfaction is desired
3) McClelland’s Theory of Needs: ppl will be motivated to perform well in jobs that match their needs
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