MGTA01H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9: The Foundations, Merit Pay

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1 Apr 2011
Chapter 9 – Managing Human Resources
- human resource management (HRM) – set of organizational activities directed at attracting,
developing, and maintaining an effective workforce
The Strategic Importance of HRM
- poor human resource planning can result in spurts of hiring and layoffs
Human Resource Planning
Job Analysis
A systematic analysis of jobs within an organization. Made up of 2 parts
Job description lists the duties of a job, its working conditions, and the tools,
materials, and equipment used to perform it
Job specification – lists the skills, abilities, and other credentials needed to o the job
Forecasting HR Demand and Supply
-Forecasting the supply of labour:
1) forecasting internal supply – the number and type of employees who will be in the firm
at some future date
2) forecasting external supply – the number and type of people who will be available for
hiring from the labour market at large
- Replacement chartsan HR technique that lists each important managerial position, who
occupies it, how long he or she will probably stay in it before moving on, and who is now
qualified or soon will be qualified to move into it
- Skills inventories (employee information systems) – computerized systems that contain
information on each employees education, skills, work experience, and career aspirations
Matching HR Supply and Demand
- shortfalls or overstaffing can be predicted after comparing future demand and internal supply
- shortfalls new employees can be hired, present employees can be retrained and transferred
into understaffed areas
- overstaffing transferring the extra employees, not replacing individuals who quit, laying
people off
Recruiting Human Resources
- recruiting – the phase in the staffing of a company in which the firm seeks to develop a pool of
interested, qualified applicants for a position some are found internally, others from outside
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Internal Recruiting
- means considering present employees as candidates for openings
- promotion from within can help build morale and keep high-quality employees from leaving
- a skills inventory system may be used to identify internal candidates
- managers may be asked to recommend individuals who should be considered
External Recruiting
- attracting people outside the organization to apply for jobs
- advertising, campus interviews, employment agencies, etc
- job fairs allow personal interaction compared with job postings on the internet, or with an
employment agency
- internship - a short-term paid position where student focus on a specific subject
Selecting Human Resources
- select candidate who is likely to be most successful based on info gathered about applicants
- validation – process of determining the predictive value of information
Application Forms
- efficient method of gathering information about the applicants previous work history,
educational background, and other job-related demographic data
- should not contain questions about areas unrelated to the job (gender, religion, national origin)
- tests of ability, skill, aptitude, or knowledge
- job related and must be a valid predictor of performance (must not serve as a basis for
discriminating against anymore for reasons unrelated to the job
- can be a poor predictor of job success because biases that are inherent in the way people
perceive and judge others on first meeting affect subsequent evaluations
- “curveball questions: questions to see how well applicants think on their feet
- orientation assessment of training and development needs the selection of the best training
techniques and methods
New Employee Orientation
- orientation – the initial acquainting of new employees with the company’s policies and
programs, personnel with whom they will interact, and the nature of the job
Training and Development
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