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Chapter 4

Speaking Your Way To The Top - Chapter 4

Management (MGT)
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MGTC36 Speaking Your Way To The Top Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Developing the Informative Presentation
o Four essentials to preparing the effective informative speech:
- 1. Keep the information fresh
You will only be interesting to your audience if you give it new or updated
- 2. Make it well organized
Prepare your information in a manner the audience will be able to understand
Use key words and repeat them to reinforce your information
Visual aids such as charts and diagrams may help to keep attention at peak
- 3. Keep it interesting
Try to use colourful language and to project yourself in an appealing manner
Can share stories, metaphors, case studies, and humour
Try to bring your audience into the presentation by asking questions or
involving them in
- 4. Motivate the audience
Make sure that your information is relevant to your listeners and you present
it up front
o Understanding Different Learning Styles (learning styles differ so try these methods)
- 1. Repeat yourself
Be repetitious by reviewing and summarizing your points again and again but
The more times an audience hears from your information, the better the
chances they will remember it
- 2. Keep it simple
Things can be remembered best when it is simple
Cut your topic into sections and present each one separately
- 3. Focus on the big picture
Use concepts instead of details when possible since people remember
concepts better than details
Can use details in handout to expand your concepts
o Putting It All Together
- 1. Chronological order
Arrange in order of occurrence or in a time sequence (e.g. timeline)
- 2. Spatial order
Since spatially organized presentations pertain to the nature of space, they are
most effective when combined with visual aids
- 3. Geographical order
Presentation is also arranged by space, but by geographical space
E.g. if discussing the break-up of the Soviet Union, can show visuals of
before and after
- 4. Topical order
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