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NROC61 Chapter 24Types of Memory and Amnesia y Learning is the acquisition of new information or knowledge Memory is the retention of learned information Declarative and Nondeclarative Memory y Memory for facts and events is called declarative memory y Nondeclarative memories fall into several categories The one that this course focuses on is procedural memorymemory for skills habits and behaviours y Declarative memory can be accessed for conscious recollection and nondeclarative memories cannot y Nondeclarative memory is also frequently called implicit memory because it results from direct experience whereas declarative memory is often called explicit memory because it results from more conscious effort y Declarative memories are easy to form and are easily forgotten On the other hand nondeclarative memories tend to require repetition and practice over a longer period of time but are less likely to be forgotten LongTerm ShortTerm and Working Memory y Longterm memories are those that you can recall days months or years after they were originally stored y Memories that are readily lost are called shortterm memories and these last on the order of seconds to hours and are vulnerable to disruption y Memories are stored in shortterm memory and are selectively converted into a permanent form via a process called memory consolidation See Fig 242 y Working memory is a temporary form of information storage that is limited in capacity and requires rehearsal y There are reports of human
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