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Chapter 10

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Matthias Niemeier

Chapter 10The Central Visual System341373IntroductionRetina extract info from different parts of visual image100 million photoreceptors but only 1 million axons leaving w informationPathways serving conscious visual perception includes lateral geniculate nucleusLGN of thalamus and 1ary visual cortexarea 17 V1 striate cortexGeniculocortical pathway for analysis of different stimulus attributeStriate cortex feeds infoto 24 cortical areas in temporalparietal lobes Studies from cat rhesus monkey Macaca mulatta and macaque monkeytest done to understandThe Retinofugal ProjectionRetinofugal Projection Neural pathway leaving eye beginning w optic nerve Latinfugalto flee GOING AWAY FROM RETINAThe Optic nerve Optic Chiasm and Optic TractGanglion cell axons flee retina through 3 structures before forming synapses w brain stemOptic Nerves Exit left and right eyes at optic disks travel through fatty tissue behind eyes in bony orbits then pass through holes in the floor of skullOptic Chiasms Nerves form this names for X shape of Greekchi lying at base of brain anterior to pituitary glands Axons from nasal retinas cross form one side to eh other Decussation Crossing of fiber form one side to anotherOptic Tracts Axons of retinofugal projections form this run just under pia long lateral surfaces of diencephalonRight and Left Visual HemifieldsVisual field is entire region of space that can be seen w both eyesLeft Visual Hemifield Objects appearing left of midlineRight Visual Hemifield Objects appearing to right of midlineBinocular Visual Field Region of space of both visual hemifield viewed by both retinasLeft visual hemifield is viewed by right hemisphere and vvTargets of Optic TractLateral Geniculate NucleusLGN Neurons in LGN give rise to axons that project to 1ary visual cortexOptic RadiationProjection from LGN to cortexRetinofugal projection form eyeLGN mediates conscious visual projectionImpairments Transection of left optic nerve renders person blind in left eye transaction of left optic tract would lead to blindness in right visual field through either eyeRegions of visual field viewed in nasal portion would mean blindness in nasal retina peripheral visual fields on both sites
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