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book notes for appendix a

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Anna Nagy

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Appendix A: Writing Research Reports
Writing Style
Clarity: be precise and clear in presenting ideas and make sure it is intended for your
oUse an outline.
oHave a topic sentence.
oProofread your paper and have others read your paper.
Acknowledge the Work of Others: cite your sources.
Active versus Passive Voice: third person active voice but use I and we if referring to
Avoiding Biased Language
oBe specific as possible when referring to groups of people.
oUse the term participants or respondents.
oAvoid using he, she, his or her.
Word Processing
o1-inch margins on all sides.
oPage headers, including page numbers, should be 0.5 inch from the top of the page.
oAlignment is left margin, font size 12 and Times New Roman.
Organization of the Report
Title Page: separate page and numbered page 1.
oShould have a page header with a short title.
oRunning Head: the first line of the title page and is an abbreviated title and should
be no more than 50 characters and should be capitalized.
Abstract: a brief summary of the research report and is about 100 to 120 words.
oIntroducing the article.
State the problem under study and the primary hypothesis.
Include information on the characteristics of the participants and a brief
summary of the procedure.
Describe the pattern of findings for major variables (reporting the differences
without actual numbers).
Include implications of the study.
oParagraph is not indented.
oPresents the specific problem under study.
oLiterature Review: description of past research and theory (why your research is
conducted and shows the connection to prior research).
oPresents the predicted outcomes of the research (hypotheses).
Method: provides detailed information about how your study was conducted and has three
subsections; participants (number, nature and incentives given), design and materials and
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