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Chapter 24

PSYB45H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 24: Stimulus Control, Rein

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Jessica Dere

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Deciding Whether to Design a Program Following a Referral
Just cuz a problem has been referred doesnt mean its a sufficient reason to proceed with a
behavior program
Was the problem referred primarily for the benefit of the client?
Is the problem important to the client or to others?
Can the problem be specified so tht you can deal with it a certain way and can the
problem be measured in some way?
Is the problem behav vague, subjective, and general?
If the problem is initially vague you must (a) define the problem and (b) can be measured
or assessed objectively
Does problem involve complications tht would necessitate referral to another specialist
Is the problem one that would appear to be easily manageable?
If desired behaviour is obtained can it be maintained in natural environment?
Can fam, friends and teachers help control stim and rein
Selection and Implementation of a Preprogram Assessment Procedure
For a reliable baseline, define the problem in precise behavioral terms.
Select an appropriate baseline procedure that will enable you to
omonitor the problem behavior
oidentify the current stimulus control of the problem behavior
oidentify the maintaining consequences of the problem behavior
omonitor relevant medical/health/personal variables
oidentify an alternative desirable behavior
Design recording procedures tht you can log how much time each person (teachers, fam)
dedicated time to the program
All members must have been trained well to record aspects of behav observed
Decide when to terminate baseline and begin T intervention
Some Qs to consider during the pretreatment assessment phase as a behaviour modifier:
oWhat time to implement T intervention?
oOthers in the situation help or hinder data collection?
oWill the surroundings make your assessment difficult?
oHow frequent is the problem behaviour?
oHow rapidly should the behaviour change?
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