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Chapter 23


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Zachariah Campbell

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Chapter 23- Behavioural Contracts
- behavioural contract- written agreement between
two parties in which one or both parties agree to
engage in a specified level of a target behaviour or
- contract states the consequence that will be
administered on the occurrence or non-
occurrence of the behaviour
- one-party contract- one person seeks to change a
target behaviour and arranges a reinforcement or
punishment contingencies with a contract manager,
who implements the contingencies
- two-party contract- both parties identify target
behaviours for change and the contingencies that will
be implemented for the target behaviours
- these contracts are written between people who
have some relationship with each other (spouses,
parents, siblings etc.)
- each party is displeased with some behaviour of
the other party, and the contract identifies
behaviour changes that will be pleasing to both
- quid pro quo contract- two party contract in which 2
people each specify a behaviour that they will change
in return for the behaviour change of the other person
- parallel contract- both people specify their behaviour
to be changed and the consequence for their
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