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Chapter 5
Defining Extinction
Extinction occurs when:
oA behavior that has been previously reinforced,
oNo longer results in the reinforcing consequences,
oAnd, therefore, the behavior stops occurring in the future
Extinction Burst
Once the behavior is no longer reinforced, it often increases briefly in
frequency, duration, or intensity before it decreases and ultimately
Novel behaviors (behaviors that do not typically occur in a particular
situation) may occur for a brief period when a behavior is no longer
Novel behaviors may include emotional responses; ex. Kicking,
screaming etc
Extinction burst involves an increase in the unreinforced behavior or
the occurrence of novel behaviors for a brief period, and is a natural
reaction to the termination of reinforcement
However, the increased frequency, intensity or duration of the
unreinforced behavior (or novel behaviors) may be reinforced; ex. If a
doorknob is stuck and not locked
Not necessarily a conscious process probably not thinking
Spontaneous Recovery
The behavior may occur again even after it has not occurred for some
Natural tendency for the behavior to occur again in situations that are
similar to those in which it occurred before extinction
If extinction is still in place when spontaneous recovery occurs the
behavior will not continue
However, if spontaneous recovery occurs and the behavior is now
reinforced, the effect of extinction will be lost
Procedural Variations of Extinction
Behavior may undergo extinction regardless of whether it is
maintained by positive or negative reinforcement
Outcome of extinction is the same but the procedure is different
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