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14 Apr 2012
After you have conducted a functional assessment of a problem behavior you will implement
functional treatment procedures to alter the antecedent & consequence of the problem behavior
Fundamental treatments used to eliminate a problem behavior = EXTINCTION
Extinction eliminating the reinforcing consequence for a behavior results in a decrease in the
frequency of the behavior
First identify the reinforcer that maintains the problem behavior and then eliminate it
The Case of Willy
54 year old man with intellectual disability- recently moved into a group home b/c his parents
were no longer able to take care of him
In the group home he exhibited a problem behavior argued when he was asked by staff to do
training activity such as cooking, cleaning, laundry or another independent living skill
Antecedent: Female Staff makes a request
Behavior: Willy refuses to complete the task, makes sexiest comments
Consequence: Staff provides attention (arguing, explaining)
* Outcome Willy is more likely to refuse to do tasks and make sexist remarks when female
staff member make a request
Using extinction procedure in response to Willy’s problem behavior – consistently use extinction
procedures and ignore Willy’s sexist remarks no matter how upsetting they are
Step in Using Extinctions
1. Collect data to assess treatment effects
2. Identify the reinforcer for the problem behavior through functional assessment
3. Eliminate the reinforcer for each instance of the problem behavior
4. Consider the schedule of reinforcement for the problem behavior
5. Reinforcer alternative behaviors
6. Promote generalization and maintenance
Using Extinction to Decrease a Problem Behavior
Extinction should be the first approaches that should be considered for treating a problem
To decrease the behavior, identify the reinforcing consequence and eliminate it
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