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Chapter 4

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Steve Joordens

ExamNameMULTIPLE CHOICEChoose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question1Damage to the prefrontal cortex might also involve damage to thecortex1Aprimary somatosensoryBprimary visualCsensory associationDmotor associationEprimary auditory2As soon as an action potential at one point along the axon occurs there is a brief reversal of the2membranes electrical charge Now the inside of the axon is positive relative to the outside of theaxon This reversal of charges is due to the flow ofions into the axonAnegatively charged potassiumBpositively charged potassiumCnegatively charged sodiumDboth negatively and positively charged sodiumEpositively charged sodium3Due to a minor stroke Chandra has a small lesion in the occipital lobe the most likely result will be3Athe development of cataractsBparalysis of the muscles that control the eyesCtotal blindnessDa tiny lesion is unlikely to have any effects on visionEa small hole in a particular region of the field of vision4Damage to a particular region of the brain is termed4Abrain lesionBa strokeCgenetic knockoutDbrain plasticityEstereotaxic damage15The hypothalamus is to theas the pituitary gland is to the 5Athalamus pancreasBpituitary gland pancreasChormones neuromodulatorsDthalamus testesEblood intercellular fluid6To place a brain lesion precisely physiological psychologists use an6Astereotaxic apparatusBelectrical stimulatorCsurgical stageDlaserguided scalpelEelectron microscope7The central nervous system communicates with the rest of the body throughwhich are7bundles of fibersAneuronsBspinal reflexesCthe brain stemsDnervesEsynapses8 measures the rate of metabolism in brain areas by detecting levels of oxygen in the8brains blood vesselsAPET scanBMEGCTMSDfMRIEMRI9Which of the following structures is most closely associated with emotional behavior especially9negative emotionsAamygdalaBlimbic cortexCcerebellumDbasal gangliaEhippocampus210The textbook mentions all of the following ways in which drugs can affect the brain EXCEPT10Ainterfere with reuptakeBmimic the effects of neurotransmitters on postsynaptic receptorsCinhibit the release of neurotransmittersDstimulate the release of neurotransmittersEreroute action potentials to dendrites11Inhibitory synapsesthe firing of a postsynaptic neuron excitatory synapses 11the firing of a postsynaptic neuronAincrease decreaseBhalve doubleCincrease increaseDdecrease decreaseEdecrease increase12Synapses can occur12Aon the smooth surface of a dendriteBonly where there is myelinCon dendritic spinesDonly between neuronsEbetween neurons and the membranes of muscle and gland cells13Anaya has sustained damage to regions of the brain that form the visual association cortex The13kinds of vision problems Anaya is most likely to experience as a result of this injury would includeAtotal blindnessBan inability to readCdiminished visual acuityDrecognition of objects by sightEan inability to focus on distant objects14Antipsychotic drugs that are effective against schizophrenia14Ablock dopamine receptorsBinhibit the reuptake of dopamineCstimulate the reuptake of dopamineDduplicate the effects of dopamine3
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