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Chapter 01

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Steve Joordens

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PsychologyChapter 01 NotesWilliam James 18421910Loved to paint and draw but worried for his talent to be a serious artistDecided to go to medical school for the best of his familyHad no motivation or interest for medicinelack of enthusiasm to learnSpoke five languages so travelled to many places in EuropeStarted to talk to people and discovered a new science PsychologyPsychology psychesoul and logosto studyFinish his medical degree but became a professor at Harvard UniversityWrote the book The Principles of Psychology in 1890Disagreed with Wundt that consciousness could be broken down into separate elementsFunctionalism study of the purpose mental processes serve in enabling people to adapt to their environment set out to understand the functions those mental processes servedApplied Darwins theory of natural selection to the study of the mindNativism Plato 428BC347BCCertain kinds of knowledge are innate or inborn already existed with the newbornEmpiricism Aristotle 384BC322BCThe mind is a blank slate on which experience were written all knowledge are acquired through experienceRen Descartes 15961650Body is made of
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