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Chapter 5

PSYA01 Chapter 5

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Steve Joordens

Chapter 5 Sensation Sensory Processing: Sensation The detection of elementary properties of a stimulus (e.g. seeing a movement) Perception The detection of the more complex properties of a stimulus, including its location and nature; involves learning. (e.g. seeing a baseball coming towards us and realizing we have to move left to catch it) -No line of distinction between the two -Perception is more complex Example: Fireworks Seeing the colors would be a sensation Seeing it as beautiful is a perception Another Example: Speaking another exotic language For most of us hearing the person would be a sensation. This because we can hear the sound frequency. We cannot make a perception of this because we have no knowledge of the language. We have never heard that sound to make meaning. It just stops at sounds for us. Transduction: Transduction The conversion of physical stimuli into changes in the activity of receptor cells of sensory organs. -How the brain interprets to physical stimuli Sense organs pick up different senses of energy. We are not sensitive to everything out in the world. We have feelings sometimes as we see the world. :0N34ZZK,984:99K070 :
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