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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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Steve Joordens

Chapter 1: the Science of Psychology concept of intelligence: once we find out how it works, then the magic is gone and its not intelligence anymore ANIMISM: belief that all animals and moving objects have spirits that provide their motive force (i.e. humans attribute soul to almost anything, ex tornado) Decartes: determined that hydraulic and mechanical things can move (doesnt have to have a soul) Decartes Model: (hydraulics) when mind performs an action, pineal body tilts in specific direction, making fluid flow from brain to appropriate nerves maybe human body is mechanical puppet of the soul? DUALISM: philosophical belief that reality consists of mind and matter (i.e. we are machine and spirit) EMPIRICISM: philosophical view that all knowledge is obtained through senses John Locke: all knowledge acquired through knowledge alone o nature vs. nurture: Locke believed in nurture MATERIALISM: mind is a machine o James Mill: materialism extremist, anti-soul, we are 100% material shift from animism (physical matter animated by spirits) to Materialism (mind composed of matter) muscles can be made to contract by applying an electrical current not hydraulics that makes us move, elec
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