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its an older date, but they still use this textbook

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Ingrid L.Stefanovic

CHAPTER 1- WHAT IS PSYCHOLOGY? PSYCHOLOGY- A science w special focus on behaviour; broad discipline, scientific investigation of behaviour and mental processes. Its the science of the mind of how we think and act in the world. Past psychologist Present psychology - conceives the mind as an independent free floating- now the mind is the ultimate function to control behaviour; independence is now just a characteristic spirit - focus mind (cannot be observed) Focus: behaviour(can be observed) TF the brain is an organ that contains the mind + controls behaviour In order to study behaviour and to provide an explanation Our behaviour is the root of many problems: poverty, crime, drug addiction, war, internalexternal problems Example: depressed teenager st 1 step Describe behaviour (emotions, what are emotions? So many definitions) Become familiar w what ppl animals do (walk down the ST, see truck hit a kid [cause]...OMG [effect]) Categorize & measure behaviour = TF ensures that different psychologist in diff places are observing same phenomena before it can be studied (environmentalist view, or organist view) 2ndstep Discover causes of behaviour (cause & effect) if the cause is discovered, its been explained (what causes ppl to act emotionally?) Casual event: an event that causes another event to occur We think our way into our way of thinking Wethink our way into our being But we also act our way into our way of thinking Example: go to school pissed off, and drag our feet on the floor & act sad FIELDS OF PSY Scientist = those who attempt to discover the causes of behaviour Practitioners= apply knowledge scientists discovered outside the lab Psychologist= some perform both *TF psychology= broad bc it has these 3 fields* psychologist Research Psychologist work in collegesuni investigate diff types of behaviour employed by private or govnt research analyze diff casual events labs EXAMPLE OF THE STOVE RELATES TO PSYCHOLOGY Operating machine Research psy in human factors & may look @various ways we can control the stove element Humans design experiments and see how we perform based on how we think make recommendations to manufacturers as to which has better performances w less error Research goal: discover + understand causes of behaviour Better understanding of behaviour + minds will let us prevent problems or manage them better *there are paradigms (concepts) out there, ways of seeing the world * study mental processes models of human behaviour (ex: environmentalist model-----we react to our environment which affects behaviour) www.notesolution.com
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