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Chapter 17

chapter 17 notes

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John Bassili

CHAPTER 17: THE NATURE & CAUSES OF PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS ETIOLOGY- causes of origin of a disorder less severe psychological disorders appear to be more heavily influenced by environmental factors less severe psychological disorders are more heavily influenced by heredity and other biological factors Classification and Diagnosis of Psychological Disorders Emil Kraepelin created classification system for psychological disorders What is Abnormal? psychological disorders are characterized as abnormal behavior, thoughts and feeling abnorma - ldeparture from any norm hard for people with psychological disorders to hold jobs Perspectives and the Causes of Psychological Disorders THE PSYCHODYNAMIC PERSPECTIVE: based on Freuds early work psychological disorders originate in intrapsychic conflict produced by 3 components of the mind: id, ego and superego conflicts come from attempts to control potentially harmful expression of sexual or aggressive impulses-> may come from attempts to cope with traumatic experiences when conflict is severe, defense mechanism cant produce a resolution that is adequate for mental health psychological disorders involve extreme anxiety, depression, and obsession THE MEDICAL PERSPECTIVE: came from ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates mental illness: illness of the mind treatment by use of drugs (today) in the past, people were treated in asylums (mental institutions) believes that psychological disorders are caused by abnormalities of the brain an nervous system mental illness should be approached the same for treatment like physical illness THE COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL PERSPECTIVE: believes that psychological disorders are learned, maladaptive patterns that can best understood by looking at environmental factors www.notesolution.com
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