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Zimbardo's experiment movie

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Oren Amitay

Lecture 21 Show film about 2 of the most famous experiment in psychology o Mainly Zimbardo & Milligrams shockingly promoted uni to think about ethics board o In the McDonald study they caught the guy but not charged (say not enough evidence but lot of circumstantial evidence) Who did the jail time? Mangers ex-fiancebecause he was the one who demand & did the sex act on the woman (employee) CBC it is TV program host by Avis ( good on one-one interview, but horrible on group control intervie) they have theme they are trying to promot(Exam) : Power of situations & Power of rs compliance of authority, persuasion , & anonymity o However, in the McDonalds story , they give only give you half tstory give you a biased perspectie same w the Zimbardo study o Zimbardo study theme good ppl in crazy situations do crazy things Zimbardo Stanford Prison Study : o Ad: Male college students needed for psychological study of prison life. $15 per day for 1-2 weeks beginning Aug 14. For further info & applications come to room 248, Jordan Hall, Stanford U. This ad is one of the most impt things you could take froexp another impt part is the film is CBC Big Picture Zimbardo exp is disturbing for Prof for couple ofonsimbardo is supposedly a very nice man & has done a lot of rkhe is philanthropist & famous in psych field But many problems w this exp lec 21 & 22 o Facts: Only 70 ppl applid 2 dozens were chosen & did some simple tests to imply these were psych. Healthy individuals o All the Text book says about the important thing xpwhat decide who gets to be the guard & prisoner is by flip oiRandom Assignment it is important in any study for it implies the person did not chose but it is by situation www.notesolution.com
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