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Chapter 14

chapter 14 after midterm

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John Bassili

Freud and personality (chapter 14: covered on final exam) Psychodynamic theory (things that happened in your childhood end up shaping your life now) Freud believed mind was divided into three parts: ID: unconscious irrational source of primitive impulses (child: fully id, I want this and that, id provides urges like hunger and desires, its not usually moral, when it wasnt something, it wants it, doesnt care about anything else, grabbing someone when were hungry) EGO: conscious and realistic (rational part of self, I might go to jail if you grab a person because youre horny so you shouldnt do it) SUPEREGO: both conscious and unconscious, based on rules and prohibitions we have internalized (angel, what is the right thing to do, thinks things like what will happen if you were to eat all of the food in the fridge, what will your roommate do for food, it is developed by society, parents, friends, etc) Def
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