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Chapter 15

Chapter 15- social psychology notes!

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John Bassili

1 CHAPTER 15: SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY Social Psychology: a branch of psychology which studies peoples social nature (how the presence of others influences our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours). Social cognition: how people attend to, perceive, interpret, and respond to the social world. Impression formation: the way we form information about anothers traits into a sense of who the person is. Main focus of social cognition is the concept of schema (body of knowledge that organizes and synthesizes information about a person, place, or thing) It helps us interpret the world better. Central traits: they help us organize and influence our understand of other traits a person has. The words polite and blunt fall into the warm and cold trait list. These are peripheral traits. Negative influence of the cold trait is stronger than the positive influence of the warm trait. People tend to respond more to someone who is rude (they will stop talking to them) than someone who is polite (it doesnt bother themthey dont really care). Primacy effect: the tendency to form an impression of a person based on the initial information we learn about himher. We can describe ourselves in many ways to people. Self-concept: your knowledge, feelings, and ideas about yourself. This is dynamic; it changes with experience. (Markus and Nurius) Self: is a persons distinct individuality. Self-schema: a mental work that represents and organizes information about yourself. This is a cognitive structure. Cross cultural psychologists: interested in the effects of cultures on behaviour. Cultures differ: biologically (diet, genetics, and endemic diseases) and ecologically (geography, climate, religion, culture). www.notesolution.com
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