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Chapter 2


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Elizabeth Page- Gould

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CHAPTER 2METHODOLOGY HOW SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGISTS DO RESEARCH Social Psychology An Empirical Science A fundamental principle of social psychology is that many social problems such as the causes of and reactions to violence can be studied scientificallyThe thing to remember is that when we study human behaviour the results may appear to have been predictablein retrospect Social Psych is an empirical science with a welldeveloped set of methods to answer questions about social behaviour Methods include observational method correlational method and experimental methodFormulating Hypotheses and Theories Theoryorganized set of principles that can be used to explain observed phenomena Hypothesistestable statement or idea about the relationship between 2 or more variablesObservational method Observational methodtechnique whereby researcher observed ppl and systematically records measurements of their behaviour It is important that researchers define the behaviours of interest Operational definitionprecise specification of how variables are measured or manipulated Ethnographymethod by which researchers attempt to understand a group or culture by observing it from the inside without imposing any preconce
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