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PSYB10- Ch 1

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Elizabeth Page- Gould

PSYB10 Ch 1 Social psychology the scientific study of ppls thoughts feelings and behaviours that are influenced by the real or imagined presence of pplConstrual the way in which ppl perceive comprehend and interpret the social worldFolk wisdomcommon sense commentary f journalist social critic and novelistExamples of cults Solar Temple and Yearning for Zion Mormon sect w leader Warren Jeffs spiritual marriages of young female virgins marrying older men Ugandan Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God childhood was believed to be sinful and children were burnedFor the social psychologist the level of analysis is the individual in the context of the social situation the psychological processes going on in their hearts and minds The goal of social psychology is to identify universal properties of human nature that make everyone susceptible to social influence regardless of social class or cultureSociology is more concerned w broad societal factors that influence events in a given society social class social structure and social institutionsSociology leans toward a macro focussocietylargeIndividual differences personality psychology the aspects o
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