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Chapter 2

PSYB10 - Chapter 2 - 5th edition - B10 - Page-Gould {Complete}

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Elizabeth Page- Gould

PSYB10 CHP2 METHOLOGY HOW DO SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGISTS DO RESEARCH p27Television Violence Fraying our Social Fabric Lavrieve11yr old F sibling sassaulted robbedmurdered convinced that TV violence was responsible for deathher and family gathered 13mil sigs from Canadians across country petitioning against violent television programming by demanding from federal gov that the amt of violent content from these programs be reduced ex DECISION NOT REACHED ex DECISION REACHED FROM FROM SCIENTIFIC METHODSSCIENTIFIC METHODS Standing Commitee of Wendy Josephson soc psygistParliament interviewedanalyzed results of 100s of individuals many assoc w TV scientific studies about industry to come to conclusion television violence its relation to that insufficient evidence to violent behavioursupport conclusion that violence on TV contrib to violent behavr conclusion TV violence incr aggressive behavr at least among children predisposed towrd aggression the group at risk are minority out of TV viewers but they are likely to be majority out of aggressorsused careful analysis of scientific evidence to come to this conclusion THIS CHAPTER examines types of rsrch methods that permit soc psygists to scientifically ans key qns about issues ex causes of violence SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY AN EMPIRICAL SCIENCE1Wilson and others 2000 it is possible to scientifically study many soc probsex causes ofrxns to violencethis is fundamental principle of soc psyWarning about results from experiments may seem obvious bc we are all closely familiar w main topics of soc psysoc behavr soc influencethis is what distinguishes soc psy from other sciencesresults are likely to connect w personal experiences and be familiarex unlikely that this would occur when reading about particle physics and you somehow make a personal connection with quarks or positrons for instance 2D HINDSIGHT BIAS tendency for ppl to overstate how much they could have predicted outcome after knowing that it occurred remember that when studying human behavr results may seem to be predictable when looking back at the past ie when the results have already been displayed Bernstein and others 2001 found that tendency to think we knew it all alongis already obvious w children aged 3 was also present among sampled elderly Vancouver residents Roese and Olson 1996study of Hindsight bias UWO students asked to read story based on WWI events about young British soldier who made plan to save small vilalge that was about to be invadedCONDITION 1subjs told that soldier managed to persuade others in militiary to accept his plan and village was savedsubjs were asked how predictable was this outcome they felt it was obvious all along that village would be saved CONDITION 2subjs told that soldiers plan was rejected and vilalge was destroyedsubjs were asked how predictable was this outcome they felt it was obvious that vilalge would be destroyed What does this study show opp finding of an expt mgiht seem just as obvious saved in C1 destroyed in C2 as results obtainedbut trick is to precit what will happen in expt PRIOR to you knowing how it turns outor else you will say yea I knew that would happen anyways it was so obvious Note not all findings that seem obvious can be predicted in advancefindings that seem obvious in past once you already know the results may not be easy to predict in advance when you do not know results yet p292
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