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Marc A Fournier

Chapter 55 Basic TraitsIn the Brain and in BehaviourE ExtraversionBroad and continuum extraversion to introversionSocial Behaviour and Cognitive Performanceie outgoing shy inhibited withdrawn taciturn quietCarl Jung wrote that extraverts direct psychological energy outward to social wordHans Eysenck made same distinctionextravert outgoing sociable enthusiastic more socially dominant introverts are quiet withdraw contemplative and less likely to made bad risks stDeveloped and validated 1 selfreport scales to assess individ Difference in E Etalk more make more eye contact firmer handshakes study in place for opportunities for social interactionMore sexually active do more gambling do well in occupations dealing w other people ILike to be secluded prefer solitary pursuitsE better on tasks requiring divided attention resistance to distance resistance to interference focus on speed IBetter on tasks requiring vigilance and careful attention to detail focus on accuracyFeeling GoodE associated w reports of feeling good about ones life greater positive affect Well being tap 2 indp Features positive affect and negative affectWhy do E have morethan I Less responsive to punishment more likely to continue responding in the face of punishment ie PearceMcCall and Newmanbetting situation Extraverts and introverts did not differ in their betting behaviour following the reward pretreatment but did differ markedly following punishment with extraverts making significantly higher wagesE dont pause after punishments impsulively seeking out rewards better able to regulate their moodsMood RegulationAbility to maintain a positive ratio of good to bad feelings in life keep a positive mod going for as long as possibleThe tendency to recall the past in moretermscontribute toand upbeat emotional life that extraverts tend to experienceBrandstatter E are more assertive in social situationsmore social competence and effectivenessemotional statedirection function of socializing PATH ANALYSIS Enables the researcher to sort out statistically both direct and indirect effects of variables on one anotherHow strong and consistent is the relation bw E andemotions Some say relationship bw E andare so consistent E should be called Positive EmotionalityPositive Affectivity Some sayemotion is central to trait of extraversionE reported greater happiness when engaging inexperiences w other people Some suggest that whileaffect and E are correlated they are not the same things emotions are only 16 facets of EPeople high in extraversion tend to report more positive emotion and happinessPeople need to belong in social life sensitive to social rewardsN Neuroticism Character who isnt neurotic in Fyodor Dostoyevskys greatest novel The Brothers KamazovDmitri His mother dead and father drunk raised by family servant Grigoryselflessly devoted to boy Dmitri grow to by unruly w violent passions drops out of high school enlists in military and lives crazy life Wants his fathers property andBelieves his father owes him when father is murdered he becomes the prime suspect Suffers curse of Karamazovs the curse is a proclivity for obsessing over the tiniest trifles and his emotional life is out of controlFeature 5A Extreme Sports and the SensationSeeking Traits 16465Sensation seeking Need for varied novel and complex sensation and experiences and the willingness to take physical and social risks for th sake of such experiences 1 Thrill and adventure seekinginterest in activities involving physical risk
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