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Chapter 8

chapter 8 detailed noted

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Marc A Fournier

Chapter 8: Self and Other: Social-Cognitive Aspects of Personality QUESTION ANSWER Define social-cognitive approaches to Theories and conceptions of personality that personality emphasize the extent to which human beings are information-processing systems who use schemas, beliefs, values, expectancies, and other cognitive constructs to guide their behaviour in the social world *Cognition influence social behaviour , and social behaviour influences cognition* What is one of the most important inputs in Our perceptions and impressions of others, human life? which shape and are shaped by our perceptions and impressions of ourselves What book did George Kelly write that took The Psychology of Personal Construct personality psychology by storm? 1955 Explain George Kellys theory A person is motivated to predict or anticipate what will happen to him or her What moves people to act is their desire to know what the world has in store for them The person is like a scientist, seeking to predict and control SEE TABLE 8.1 PG. 305 According to Kelly, each of us classifies hisPersonal Construct: a characteristic way of construing how some things are alike an or her world by developing some things are different from each other . Define this term Every construct is bipolar (how 2 things are alike and how things are different from a third thing) Constructs are more like hypotheses to be tested than Explain Kellys idea of construct systems People best understood in terms of their own construct systems each person develops his or her own construct system that contains a number of constructs organized into a hierarchy Meaning that some constructs are superordinal (encompassing many other constructs) and others are subordinal (being E.g. Subordinal construct of www.notesolution.com helpfulunhelpful may be encompassed by the more general superordinal construct of Every persons construct system in unique, which means that everybody divides up subjective experiences in slightly different ways What is range of convenience? Kellys concept of the extent to which a given personal construct is likely to guide a persons interpretation of events and the behaviour he or she is likely to show What is meant by a construct being Permeable construct is open to permeable or not being permeable? modification and the introduction of new elements a person who is open-minded A non permeable construct is unable to modify constructs rigid and inflexible What is Kellys view on anxiety? When we confront inexplicable events in the world for which our construct system does not seem to be prepared, we experience Anxiety is a fear of the unknown What is core goal structure and its The construction a person has of who he relation to guilt? or she is in relation to significant people, such as parents it is embedded in a persons construct system Guilt is a perception of ones dislodgement from his core role structure What is the Role Construct Repertory Personality assessment procedure Test (Rep Test)? designed by Kelly to explore personal constructs in peoples lives How did Kelly define a role? An understanding or expectation of what particular people in a persons life do What is said about people who use many People who use many = Manifest higher different kinds of constructs and those levels of cognitive complexity who do not? People who do not use many = view the world in a simpler, more global construct system What is said about people who have These people are more closer and similar construct systems as their remain close friends for longer periods of What was Duck and Spencers study time They obtained personal construct about and what did they conclude? measures for female college freshman at the beginning of the www.notesolution.com
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