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Chapter 7

Behaviour Modficiation - Chapter 7 Book Notes

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Zachariah Campbell

7 Stimulus Control: Discrimination and Generalization The effects of reinforcement, extinction, and punishment are situation-specific. A behaviour occurs in situations in which it has been reinforced in the past. A behaviour stops occurring in situations in which it has not been reinforced or has been punished in the past Antecedents: stimulus events that precede an operant response Stimulus events, situations, or circumstances that are present when it occurs or were present before the behaviour Understanding antecedents provides us with information on the circumstances in which the behaviour was reinforced and the circumstances in which the behaviours was not reinforced or was punished Stimulus Control Stimulus of control: a behaviour is more likely to occur when a specific antecedent stimulus was present A behaviour is under stimulus control, when there is an increased probability that the behaviour will occur in the presence of a specific antecedent stimulus or a stimulus from a specific stimulus class Almost all behaviours are under stimulus control Behaviours do not occur randomly, but occur in the specific situations in which they are reinforced Example Whenever Kevin wants money, he asks his mom and she usually gives him money. When he asks his dad, his dad usually refuses. Thus, he usually asks his mom for instead of his dad. His moms presence is an antecedent for Kevins behaviour of asking for cash Kevins moms presence has stimulus control over Jakes behaviour of asking money Example When the phone rings, you pick it up and talk to the person who called Antecedent = the phone rings, behaviour = you answer the phone, consequence = you talk to the person who called www.notesolution.com
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