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Chapter 20

Chapter 20

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Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 20 Self-Management Self-management when a person uses behavior modification procedures to change his or her own behavior Defining Self-Management Problems (1) People exhibit behavioral deficits they fail to engage in desirable behaviors The behaviors are desirable because they will have a positive impact on the peoples lives in the future Ex. Studying, exercise etc. However, the behavior does not occur because it is not reinforced immediately when it occurs or because competing behavior that is immediately reinforced interferes with its occurrence Because the positive outcome is in the future, it does not exert an influence on the occurrence of the desirable behavior at present The goal of self-management strategies is to increase the current level of the deficit behavior so that the positive outcome can be achieved for the person in the future (2) Another type of self-management problem is an excess of an undesirable behavior The behavior is undesirable because it will have a negative impact on the persons life in the future Ex. Smoking, overeating etc. The undesirable behavior continues because it is immediately reinforced when it occurs or because the alternative behaviors are not present to complete with its occurrence Because the negative outcome is in the future, it does not influence the occurrence of the undesirable behavior in the present The goal is self-management is to decrease or eliminate the behavioral excess so that the negative outcome does not occur in the future *Table pg.461 Defining Self-Management Self-management occurs when a person engages in behavior at one time to control the occurrence of another behavior (target behavior) at a later time www.notesolution.com
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