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Chapter 24

Chapter 24 txtbook notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 24: Fear & Anxiety Reduction Procedures Its procedure is based on principles of operant & respondent conditioning Examples: Overcoming Trishas Fear of Public Speaking has fear of giving presentation & experienced anxiety when thinking about it & giving in the presentation thus; Dropped courses that have public presentation as component Gonzalez taught relaxation exercise when she started to feel anxiety o Practice this exercise when she gave talk to himwhen she could give speech in the office w little anxiety , moved to give speech to a friend in empty classroom soon as she accomplish doing this w minimal anxiety , moved to give speech to 2 friends This goes on until empty classroom is filled w lot more friends & could give the speech w minimal anxiety Examples: Overcoming Allisons Fear of Spider Had a intense fear of spidr to extreme will climb out of window to escape from spider due to anxiety Dr.Wright - 1 assess her fear level by looking at her fear rating as she approached (distance) jar that has a spider in it o Taught her relaxation training used this training as she used to get closer to the jar similar to Trisha gradual progression until Allison got fully close to spider to kill it herself Defining Fear & Anxiety Problem Important to have operational definition of the behaviour involved in this Fear: composed of both operant & respondent behaviour (to a particular stimulus stimulus situation) o Stimulus is present the person experiences unpleasant body respondent in the form ANS arousal & engage in escape or avoidance behaviour o Body responses are RESPONDENT BEHAVIOUR -ANXIETY www.notesolution.com
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