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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Textbook

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Gabriela Ilie

Perceiving Objects and Recognizing Patterns Chapter 3 Perception Taking sensory input and interpreting it meaningfully. The problem with perception is how do we attach meaning to the sensory information we receive When you look at an object you acquire specific bits of information o Shape, texture, size, name, objects function To process information one must receive the information through one or more sensory systems Reception of information and its registration by a sense organ make up the PROXIMAL STIMULUS The image projected onto the retina is 2D, upside down and reversed Gibson you immediately acquire information about the objects function Percept Meaningful interpretation of the proximal stimulus. Percept involves something different from the formation of the retinal image Size constancy o Looking at the back of your hand and bringing it closer to your face o Hand appears larger but you know it did not change in size Pattern recognition o Recognition of a particular object, event, and so on, as belonging to a class of objects, events o SHRUB belonging to the same class Gibson claims perceivers actually do little processing and that information is abundantly rich; all the perceiver needs to do is detect or pick up on the information www.notesolution.com
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