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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Textbook

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Gabriela Ilie

Memory Processes Chapter 6 The Levels-of-Processing View Dependent on the initial encoding of information to be remembered Focuses on the different kinds of cognitive processing that people perform when they encode, and later retrieve information Retention and coding of information depends on the kind of perceptual analysis done on the material at encoding Processing o Superficial level poor retention o Deeper level (meaningfulsemantic) improved retention Improvement in memory comes from greater depth of analysis of the material Participants are presented a series of questions about particular words and must answer the questions as quickly as possible o They are then given a surprise memory test o Any learning that occurs in the situation is called incidental learning o Is the word written in capital letters? physical processing o Does this word rhyme with another word? acoustic processing o Would this word fit into this sentence? semantic processing Words processed semantically are remembered the best ^ The time it takes to answer a question also affects how well you remember the word (the more time better retention) Depth of processing = degree of semantic processing Also works with nonverbal stimuli o Rating faces for honesty vs naming a persons gender Elaboration of material can also aid recall www.notesolution.com
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