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Michael Inzlicht

Chapter1: Introduction to the Study of Stereotyping and Prejudice Groups are evolutionary advantageous: Division of labour Order imposed by some on others Protecton Child rearing Groups are the basic building blocks of society Negative of groups: Sexual competition When ppl are organized into groups it is they tend to form closer ties to members of their own group and they tend to be suspicious and rejecting of members of other groups Ingroup people who belong to the same group as you favoured Outgroup people who do not belong to your group dont favour Minimal Group group membership is arbritary A logical analysis of intergroup hostility suggests that there is no rational basis for dislink others simply because they belong to another group Trev Broudy gay actor coma Matthew Sheppard Gay college student James Byrd Jr Black guy in the American south Stereotype: Lippmanns Sterotype: Printing process in which fixed casts of material are reproduced Used first by journalist to describe the tendency fop pl to think of someone or something in similar terms thinking that ppl or things with a shared attribute ie skin color have similar features o We have pictures in our head about the world around us these are like templates and we try to fit the compex world around us into this pictures This journalist was awesome for 2 reasons o He got the origin of steroytes down culture Stereotypes: Tell us what social information is important to perceieve and to disregard in our environment This process tend to confirm stereotypes b/c we will focus information which reaffirms the stereotypes and disregard contrary information Content of stereotype dtrm by the culture we live in Stereotypes were originally viewed as being bad: Outward indicators of irratiola non analytic cognition Lazy way or perceiving Negative Rigid thinking Moral dfectivness Ppl began to move away from this practise o Sterotype: an exaggerated belief associated with a category o No evaluvation here o Begin to think of stenotype as a normal psychological process Social Cog Def: Stereotyping o Automatic process of categorization o Inherent in the very nature of the way humans think about the worlds A generalization made about a group concnerning a trait attribution, which is considered to be unjustified by an observer o problem last half o a sterotype is any generalization justified or not o by definition a generalization is bound to be unjustified for some portion of the group members A cognitive structure that contains the perceivers knowledge, beliefs and expectations about a human group o too broad to accurately capture the meaning of a stereotype o True: Stereotype association btw a groups and ones belief about the group o This defintiation sounds more like a schema than a streo type Schema cognitive structure that represents knowledge about a concept or type of stimulus, including its attributes and relations among those attributes. Sterotypes are more specfici then a schema they are a part of the schema Schema of librarians occupation, work they do, where they work all that sort of thing o Stereotype your beliefs about the librarioans A set of beliefs about the personal attributes of a group of people o this is more consistent with previous stereotype definitions o restricts meaning of stereotype to generalizations about a group of people o this is the most popular Culture and individual sterotypes: cultural sterotype stereotype held by Americans that all arabs are terrorists individual sterotype arabs are sexy this is a key difference btw the individual and the culture as a whole o adjective rating scales tend to asses cultural sterotypes rather then individual ones further more any measure of sterotypes is flawed if the response possibilites are restrictied by the measure this does not acculartely measure personal sterotypes cultural sterotypes and individuaol sterotypes are not always the same which is a better predictor of future behaviour o early researcher thought it was cultural sterotypes o now we are more focused on individual sterotypes individual stereotypes are more related to a persons o thought o feelings o and behaviour towards a group Is stereotype an attitude: Attitude general evavulavation of some object good or bad Attitudes generally comprise of 3 components o Behavioral o Affective o Cognitive Some theoriet define stereotypes as intergroup attitudes portioned into these 3 sectiosn Most theroriest believe: o Intergroup attitude Behaviour Discrimination Any negative behaviour directed directed toward an individual based on their membership in a group Affect Prejudice Cognitive Sterotype Sterotypes are just generations prejudice is what categorizes as good or bad You can think black ppl have curly hair a prejudice will dtrm werther that is good or bad Stereotype is not an attitude
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