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Chapter 7

PSYC31 - Chapter 7 pt 1 (texbook notes)

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Konstantine Zakzanis

**CLOSED HEAD INJURIES (CHI) [blunt head injuries] – skull remains intact and brain isn’t exposed; this type of brain damage occurs in 2 stages: -Primary Injury  damage that occurs at the time of impact --Coup – blow at point of impact --Countercoup lesions – when brain sustains a bruise (contusion) in an area opposite the blow, occurs in most cases of occipital injury -Second Injury  consists of effects of the physiological processes set in motion by the primary injury (1) Mild TBI - GCS scores are 13-15 - LOC corresponds to less than 20-30min -PTA corresponds to less than 24hrs -islands of memory; temporal/continuous memory - no evidence of intracranial injury on neuroimaging examination – accounts for 90% of all TBI’s -Complicated Mild TBI -characterized by same injury characteristics w/ exception of intracranial injury being present complicated mild TBI is basically mild TBI plus abnormalities on CT scan -postconcussion syndrome -whiplash -PTSD in mild TBI -cognitive deficits – attentional deficits, verbal retrieval problems, sensory/perceptual+motor disorders -common noncognitive sequelae of mild TBI – emotional distress/fatigue, depression and anxiety (2) Moderate TBI - GSC corresponds to 10-12 -LOC corresponds to greater than 20min and less than 36hrs -PTA is greater than 24hrs and less than 7 days -patients who can and for the most part function independently (3) Severe TBI -GCS corresponds to 9 or less -LOC is greater than 36hrs -PTA is greater than 7 days -cognitive+motor defects – attent
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