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Chapter 7

Psychological Assessment - Chapter 7 Book Notes

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Test Administration Reliability theory is concerned with random sources of error, but we must consider other potential sources of error such as testing situation, tester characteristics and test-taker characteristics The Examiner and the Subject The Relationship between Examiner and Test Taker The examiners relationship had little effect on the scores of the younger children, but average IQ scores for the fifth grade through ninth grade students were higher for those who had received the test under the enhanced rapport condition Reading scores among children were lower, when the child was presented with an unfamiliar test administrator In surveys, respondents tend give the response that they perceive to be expected People tend to disclose more information in self-report format than in an interview Computer administration is at least as reliable as traditional test administration The Race of the Tester There is little evidence that the race of the examiner is significantly affects intelligence test scores The reason why only a few studies show effects of the examiners race on the results of test is that the procedures for properly administering an IQ test are so specific The test administrator gives a test according to a strict procedure In one study in which a small effect of the examiners race was found, the examiners were paraprofessionals rather than psychologists www.notesolution.com
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