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Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Notes

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Sheldon Ungar

Chapter 17  Educational achievement: The learning of valuable skills and knowledge.  Educational attainment: The number of years of schooling successfully completed or, for higher learning, the degrees or certificates earned.  Assortative mating: Marriage partners are selected so that spouses are similar on various criteria of social rank.  Meritocracy: A social hierarchy in which rank corresponds to individual capacities fairly tested against a common standard.  Social exclusion: Achieved by creating barriers that restrict certain opportunities or positions to members of one group.  Credential inflation: Occurs when it takes ever more certificates or degrees to qualify for a particular job.  Professionalization: Occurs to the degree that certain levels and types of schooling are established as criteria for gaining access to an occupation.  Cultural Capital: The stock of learning and skills that increases the chance of securing a superior job.  Pedagogic Violence: Bourdieu’s term for application by teachers of punishments intended to discourage deviation from the dominate culture.  Reproduction of the existing stratification system: Social processes that ensure that offspring enter a rank or class similar or identical to that of their parents.  Hidden Curriculum: School teaches obedience to authority and conformity to cultural norms. Summary:  Schools perform two main factors: they homogenize young people by socializing them into a shared culture and they sort young people into different levels o
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