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Chapter 11

Chapter 11

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Intersexed infants are babies born with ambiguous genitals because of a hormone imbalance in the
womb or some other cause
Your sex depends on whether you were born with distinct male or female genitals and a genetic
program that released either male of female hormones to stimulate the development of your
reproductive system
Gender identity ]}v[]v](]]}vÁ]ZU}vof belonging to, a particular sex t biologically,
psychologically, and socially
A gender role is the set of behaviours associated with widely shared expectations about how males and
females are supposed to act
Heterosexuality is the preference for members of the opposite sex as sexual partners
Essentialism is a school of thought that views gender differences as a reflection of biological differences
between women and men t Freud believed that differences in male and female anatomy account for
the development of distinct masculine and feminine gender roles
Oedipus complex: young boys become preoccupied with their penis, he unconsciously develops a
fantasy of sexually possessing the most conspicuous female in his like; his mother
Electra complex: girls have penis envy, but eventually realizing that she will never have a penis she
comes to identify herself with her mother. Since women are never able to revolve their penis envy
that women can be fully sexually satisfied only by vaginally induced orgasms
A gender ideology is a set of interrelated idea about what constitutes appropriate masculine and
feminine roles and behaviour
The glass ceiling is a social barrier that makes it difficult for women to rise to the top level of
Transgendered }ol}]Ç[Pvv}uÇ(Ç]vPZ]P]]]v]}vÁvuov
Transsexuals o]ÀZÇÁ}vÁ]ZZ^Á}vP_}ÇXdZÇ]v]with, and want to live as,
Homosexuals are people who prefer sexual partners of the same sex. People usually call homosexual
men gay and homosexual women lesbians.
Bisexuals are people who enjoy sexual partners of both sexes
Homophobic people are afraid of homosexuals
Gender discrimination involves rewarding men and women differently for the same work
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