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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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Mc Kinon

Ch 6- Bureaucracies Beyond Individual Motives The Social Origins of Evil 1. Norms of solidarity demand conformity. We form relationships with friends, lovers, spouses, teammates, and comrades-in-arms, we develop shared ideas or norms of solidarity about how we should behave toward them to sustain the relationships. It is the power of norms of solidarity that helps us understand how soldiers are able to undertake many unpalatable actions 2. Structures of authority tend to render people obedient. Most people find it difficult to disobey authorities because they fear ridicule, ostracism, and punishment. As soon as we are introduced to a structure of authority, we are inclined to obey those in power. 3. Bureaucracies are highly effective structures of authority. A bureaucracy is a large, impersonal organization comprising many clearly defined positions arranged in a hierarchy. Efficiency means achieving the bureaucracys goals at the least cost. We commonly think individual motives prompt our actions, and for good reason. Our deeply held emotions partly govern our behaviour. NETWORKS Network Analysis We are enmeshed in overlapping sets of social relations or social networks A social network is a bounded set of individuals linked by the exchange of material or emotional resources, everything from money to friendship Social networks may be formal (defined in writing) or informal (defined in practise) Each of your network members is linked to other people o This is what connects you to people you have never met, creating a small world that extends far beyond your personal network The units of analysis or nodes in a network can be individuals, groups, organizations and even countries Finding a Job its not what you know but who you know Many people learn about important events, ideas, and opportunities from their social networks www.notesolution.com
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