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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Notes from MAPPING

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Malcolm Mac Kinnon

CHAPTER 4Finding Out How the Social World Works Michael Schwalbey Schwalbe explains the advantages of utilizing systematic research to study the social world he also summarizes the kinds of questions sociologists often ask and argues that it is important to be sociologically mindful whenever addressing social research y Even though the rate of poverty is higher among blacks about 30 than among whites about 15 there are so many more white people in the US that whites still make up the majority of those living in poverty y Much of what we know comes straight from others part of being sociologically mindful is being aware of limitations y Logical deduction is a fine way to elaborate our knowledgeexcept that if our premises are wrong then our conclusions will also be wrong we will simply reason our way to further ignorance one strength of logical deduction however is that others can check up on our assumptions and our reasoning and thus correct us if we go astrayy Personal experience and observation are good sources of knowledge except that it is easy to misjudge and overgeneralize from these sourcesAdvantages of Systematic Research y Careful research is perhaps the best way to create valid and reli
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