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SOCB05 - Ch12 Notes

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Ann Mullen

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SOCB05 NOTES: Chapter 12 Qualitative Interviewing Three interview-based methods of research:  In-depth interview studies o where qualitative interviewing is the primary means of data gathering  Focus group interviews o When a number of people are brought together in a lab-type setting to be interviewed together  Oral history o Method of qualitative interviewing concerning in-depth interviews focusing on recollections of the past Qualitative Depth Interviewing - “Depth interviewing involves asking open-ended questions, listening to and recording the answers, and then following up w/ additional relevant questions… Beneath the surface, interviewing becomes an art and science requiring skill, sensitivity, concentration, interpersonal understanding, insight, mental acuity, and discipline.” - Unlike interviewing in survey research, qualitative interviews are much less structured or no structure at all. Qualitative interviewing design is flexible, iterative, and continuous rather than prepared in advance. The continuous nature of qualitative interviewing means th
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