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Chapter 10

Chapter 10-

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Marcel Danesi

Variation y A dialect is avariant of a language y The concept of a standard language is an abstraction through social and political forces that one variant we use for official communicationy Social dialect means that language varies along a social scale y Geographical dialect where people move away and language develops form of its iny Pidgin is the language of another group like English introduced in island of Hiaiti and rather being taught as foreign language need to use it to conduct daily affairs and tendency of speakers is so simplify it by modificationy If dominant group of people leave and place becomes an independent country it would pass the pidgin to next generation and form creole which is first generation of people who previously spoke pidgin y Slang is dialect but doesnt have geographical or social implications o Speaking in code o Spoken in certain groups within societyadolescent o Window to cognitive process during adolescenty Jargon is also slang but certain form of slang that become beyond slang oProfessional slangMedical Term Common Term Hematoma Blood clot Coronary thrombosis Heart attack Pruritis Itchiness Verruca wart Furuncle Boil pimple Rectum bum Pustule pus Varicella chickenpox Posology dosage Hemeralopia Impaired vision Strabismus Squinting Contusion Bruise y Function of medical term is to be more accurate and specific It is more descriptive as wellMusical term Meaning A piacere Freely A tempo With the original tempo Adagio Slowly Allegro Quickly brightly Andante Slowly but not too slowly Cadenza A virtuoisic solo passage Coda Tail end of a part or piece Da capo From the beginning
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