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Chapter 8

Chapter 8: What is Nutrition

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Chapter 8 What is Nutrition y What you choose to eat is both personal and complex and not solely driven by the need for sustenancey Some of the things that drive our food choices are taste culture and environment social reasons and trends weight concerns advertising time convenience and costy Research confirms that when it comes to making food choices taste is the most important consideration Most people prefer the taste of salty or sweet foods but the degree to which we enjoy y these foods varies partly because of genetics Enjoyment of sweet food changes as we age y y Breastfed babies whose mothers eat a wide range of foods are more likely to embracenew foods as adultsy Texture also affects our likelihood of enjoying foodsEnjoying foods is not just a physiological sensation Other factors such as our culture y and the environment also play a role in which foods we enjoy eating Corn is a staple of Mexican cuisines y y Indian cuisine includes mainly lentils legumes with rice and vegetables China has rice as its main food y y A cultures cuisine is greatly influenced by the environment in which people livey Eating is an important way to bond with others Eating dinner with others has been shown to increase the size of a meal by 40 and the more people present the more you will eat Food choices are also affected by popular trends y y In 2005 alone Americans spent more than 51 billion on organic or natural foods Vegetable went upscale in the1950s and were bought prepared rather than fresh yIndividuals may choose certain foods because they perceive them as being healthy or y avoid other foods that are associated with being Overweight people are more likely to be aware of the calorie count within foods y y The more aware you are the more of an effort you are likely to make towards a healthierlifestyle
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