The Prince Textbook Note (7-9)

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Clifford Orwin

The Prince 79Princes who come to a state through fortune get to the top easily since they do not have to put in any effort to get to the topIt is difficult however to keep your position once one gets thereThis difficulty arises due those who rise thanks to others are not necessarily individuals who are competent in the art of command and the fact that many of these individuals lack the arms necessary to preserve their positionIt is important to lay out foundations for oneself over what was laid before you to secure your position of powerHere Machiavelli begins to express his admiration for Cesare Borgia who came to power via fortune and then proceeded to carve out his domain as a means to secure his positionWhere some criticize this behaviour as being expedient Machiavelli commends it as astuteThe conclusion drawn is that in politics skill is always necessary fortune cannot serve someone foreverThis being a possible reference to the saying fortune is a fickle friendIn the example of Borgias conquest it is important to note that Borgia never lets his situation sit still for too long He irons out the kinks as they appear and does not let them get out of control To secure his future Borgia eliminated those who opposed him made allies within the state that brought him to power gained a good reputation with his subjects and finally he set up defences against a pote
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