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Chapter 6

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Konstantine Zakzanis

CHAPTER 6 ANXIETY DISORDERSPHOBIAS PANIC DISORDER GENERALIZED OBSESSIVEPOSTTRAUMATIC STRESS ANXIETY COMPULSIVE DISORDER DISORDER PTSD DISORDER OCD GAD A disrupting fear mediated Recurrent panic attacks Persistent an anxiety disorder in whichAftermath of traumatic experience in DESCRIPTION avoidance that is out of involving a sudden onset of uncontrollable the mind is flooded w which there is an extreme response to a proportion to the danger physiological symptomsworry often about persistent and uncontrollable severe stressor and the person experiences actually posed and is minor things thoughts and the individual is increased arousal avoidance of stimuli recognized by the sufferer as chronic compelled to repeat certain associated w the event and anxiety in groundless uncontrollable acts again and again suffering recalling the eventworrysignificant distress and about all manner interference w everyday of things functioningCued panic attacks whenAcute stress disorderSymptoms are the TYPESSpecific Phobias Primary obsessional unwarranted fears caused by they are associated w slowness when slowness is same as those of posttraumatic stress the presence or anticipation situational triggers driving the central problem and is not disorder but last for 4 weeks or less of a specific object orExclusive presence of secondary to other OCD situation5 sources of fear cued attacks most likely symptoms such as checking blood injuriesinjections reflects the presence of a and taking really long to do situations animals natural phobia something eg performing envtFear grouped intoSituationally predisposed an act like eating extremely 15 factors agoraphobia attacks when their slowly fear of heights of water relationship w stimuli is threat fear bloodneedle present but not as strongstormsthunder fear ofUncued attacks occur in being observed speaking benign states like relaxation fears2 higherorder or sleep and in unexpected categories 1 Specific fears situations can vary crossculturally eg Paleng fear of cold lifethreating loss of body heat and Tajinkyofusho fear of other people and embarrassing others VS 2 Social fearsSocial Phobias persistent irrational fears linked generally to the presence of other peopleavoid particular situations where they may be evaluated fearing they will reveal signs of anxiousness or behave in an embarrassing waycanPHOBIAS PANIC DISORDER GENERALIZED OBSESSIVEPOSTTRAUMATIC STRESS ANXIETY COMPULSIVE DISORDER DISORDER PTSD DISORDER OCD GAD be generalized involve many diff interpersonal situations or specific involve intense fear of one particular situation such as public speaking depending on the range of situations that are feared and avoided Fearavoidance of objectsDizziness rapid heart rate DifficultyAssociated w greater3 categories of symptoms of PTSD must SYMPTOMS or situations that dont nausea chest pain feelings concentrating impairment than other anxiety last longer than 1 month present any danger intense of choking and smothering tiring easily disorders 1 Reexperiencing the traumatic eventdistress and social or sweating and trembling restlessnessObsessions intrusive and Nightmares intense emotional upset occupational impairment bc accompanied by intense irritability and recurring thoughts impulses produced by stimuli that symbolize the of the anxiety apprehension terror and high level of and images that come event or on anniversaries of some feeling of impending doom muscle tension unbidden to the mind and specific experience sometimes accompanied w appear irrational and 2 Avoidance of stimuli associated w the agoraphobia a fear of being uncontrollable to the event or numbing of responsivenessin public places individual experiencing them Person tries to avoid thinking about theDepersonalization feelingit has to interfere w normal trauma or encountering stimuli that will of being outside ones body functioning bring it to mind Amnesia to the eventDerealization feeling ofCompulsion a repetitive Numbinginterest in others sense of the worlds not being real as behaviour or mental act that a estrangement and inability to feel well as fears of losing person feels driven to perform positive emotions control going crazy and to reduce the distress caused 3 Symptoms of increased arousaleven dying by obsessive thoughts or to Falling or staying asleep difficultydiagnosed w or wo prevent some calamity from concentrating hypervigilance and an agoraphobia occurringactivity is not exaggerated startle responserealistically connected to theSuicidal thoughts are common explosives purpose violence and stress related psychophysiological problems headaches and gastrointestinal disorderSocial phobia comorbid wMore than 80 of patientslevel of30 of ppl w OCD have Anxiety depression anger substance abuse COGAD specic phobias diagnosed as having ONE of comorbidity w major depression marital problems poor physical health and MORBIDITY panic disorder avoidant the other anxiety disorders other anxietycomorbid w other anxiety occupational impairment personality disorder mood also experience panic attacks disorders and w disorders disorders depressionCoexistence w major mood disorders alcohol abuse marijuanadepressive disorder is also related problemscommon as well as a comorbidity w GADClaustrophobia fear ofKayakangst occurs in Contamination eg lifethreatening natural disaster EXAMPLES closed spaces seal hunters who are alone atExpressing some Hurricane Katrina war mass shootingsAgoraphobia fear of sea intense fear sexualaggressive impulse etc
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