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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Thinking and intelligence.docx

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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

Chapter 8 Thinking and intelligence dread risk affect reasoning and decision making from fear humans cant always make good decisionsHow does the mind represent informationIntelligence is the ability to better use informationCognition mental activity of thinking or representing informationTypes of representation form basis of intelligence and though 1 Analogical things analogous to actual objects Depictions of real life Maps 2 Symbolic words or ideas that are abstract smd no relationship to physical qualities of world violin stands for musical instrument the word itself bears no relationship to the objectMental images a type of Analogous representationin the mind we see images without trying to see them When im asked what does my mom look like I just imagine here face automatically Experiement 1 cooper and shepardin this experiment experiment is provided subjects of the letter are turned around in different forms When the letter R was turned completely upside down into participants longer to realize that the letter R was indeed the letter R One was concluded that in the mental image it takes longer to rotate when its completely upside down then when its not upside down Experiment 2 Stephen kosslyn Bio level of visualizationthe primary visual cortex is activated when we see something this is also turned out to be the case for when we think of something When one retrieves information from memory the representation of advantage in the mind by parallels the representation in the brain when you first saw eachMental maps involve a mixture of analogical and symbolic representations Limits of analogical representationWe can only represent the range of things analogically If something cannot be perceived only by the perceptual system we cannot form a complete analytical representation of itLimit is that we may make mistakes Usually one thinks that san Diego is closer to the west coast than jasper Alberta but it isntConcepts are symbolic representationswe can categorize the objectSchemas organize useful information about environmentsreduces amount of info needed to know and makes everything more efficientConcept is a category that includes individual items that are subtypes for individual items Common theme relating qualities like weightdefining attribute model a group of features that make something a part of a group Batchelor unmarried male Fails as it doesnt include some things It also involves make a all or none decision when group things flying bords
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